Service websites need to check a lot of boxes in order to be successful. They have to look professional, convey trust, provide visitors with all the information they need, and ultimately convince them to convert. That involves a lot of work, so you’ll want to use a theme that provides you with the tools you need to get the job done.

With Uncode, you can accomplish all of those goals and more. Our multipurpose theme makes it easy to create professional-looking websites, which include all the functionality you’ll require and look compelling at the same time. Plus, it can help you get your site up and running faster, which is invaluable for business owners in particular.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to pick the perfect theme for your service website. Then we’ll discuss three of the reasons Uncode is an excellent choice. Let’s get to it!

Why It’s Vital to Choose the Right Theme for Your Service Website

The term ‘service website’ is quite broad. It can refer to a web hosting site, a page where you offer online tutoring, a brochure website for an offline business, and much more.

Generally speaking, however, it’s a type of website where the primary purpose is encouraging people to sign up for your services:

An example of a service website.

Since your goal is to convince visitors to pay you for your work, your website needs to look as professional as possible. Otherwise, it won’t convey trust, which is the key to getting conversions both off- and online.

On top of that, service websites usually rely on a few key elements to make the sale, including:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Pricing tables, including information about all the services and/or plans you offer
  • Pictures of you and your team in action
  • Contact information, in case potential customers want to reach you directly

Ideally, you’ll choose a theme that enables you to include all of those elements, and to do so without much fuss. That way, you’ll be able to get your service website up and running quickly, and it will look professional enough to inspire trust in potential clients.

3 Reasons Uncode Is a Smart Choice for Your Service Website

Uncode is our own multipurpose WordPress theme, and it can serve as the foundation for many types of websites. Now, let’s look at just three of the reasons it can be a fantastic option for service websites, and discuss why you might want to give it a try.

1. It Enables You to Create Modern Pricing Tables

These days, pricing tables are everywhere on the web. Most service websites that offer more than one plan or tier of services rely on them to communicate key information quickly:

An example of Uncode pricing tables.

Pricing tables are one of our favorite elements, because they enable potential clients to compare different offers at a glance. With the right design, you can even guide visitors towards the plans you want them to pick, earning you more money in the process.

You can create a simple pricing table using HTML. However, if you want yours to have style and be persuasive, it’s best not to start from scratch. Fortunately, Uncode includes a Pricing table module you can use to add as many as you want to your website:

Adding three pricing table elements.

Using the Uncode page builder, you can place pricing tables anywhere on your site, and then customize them using a broad range of settings. This means you can experiment with different styles until you find a winner, and even incorporate your branding.

2. You Can Design Attention-Grabbing Calls to Action

Calls to Action (CTAs) are elements on your website designed to encourage users to do something specific. The Buy Now buttons you see on most product pages are the perfect example of a straightforward (but effective) CTA. In the example below, the Get started button is the page’s CTA:

An example of a CTA.

In practice, CTAs can come in many shapes and sizes. They can be simple text and link combinations, or more complex elements such as tabs and buttons. CTA buttons are particularly effective, because they enable users to take action right away. A clickable CTA provides a clear and straightforward path towards conversions.

A lot of people don’t put much thought into button design on their websites. However, even small changes to a CTA have the potential to drive many more conversions. This means you’ll want to use a theme that provides you with plenty of customization options for your CTAs, which is where Uncode comes in.

For example, with Uncode you get access to a Button module within the theme’s page builder. As with the Pricing tables module, you can place buttons anywhere on your website, and you get access to a lot of customization options:

Styling your CTA.

Not long ago, we devoted an entire article to how you can create attractive CTA buttons with Uncode. We’d recommend checking it out if you want more advice on how to drive conversions on your service website.

3. You’ll Get Access to Plenty of Useful Templates

If you’ve never built a website before, creating one for your service business can be a challenge. Not only do you need to learn how to use a new theme and customize it, you also have to make each page look like it was put together by a professional. That last part is particularly relevant for service websites, since your business thrives on trust.

Ideally, whichever theme you pick will include thorough documentation you can check out in case you have any questions. It should also include tools that can help you get started with your website’s design, such as templates. You can think of templates as simple demo layouts that form the foundation for your site’s pages and other content.

For example, here’s one of the service-focused templates Uncode includes out of the box:

One of Uncode's demo layouts.

Each element on this page can be customized to your liking, to include your own content, imagery, branding, and more. At the same time, you’re not starting from scratch. There’s still work involved, but by using a template you get to pick a layout you like right away, and you can skip a lot of the tedious and complex parts of web design.

Uncode includes dozens of templates that you can use for your website, including options for all the pages a stellar service website should have. That includes home pages, About Us sections, Team Member pages, and much more. To see what’s on offer, you can check out the comprehensive Uncode demo.


Building a website isn’t as complicated as it used to be. However, putting together a website that convinces people to use your services can still be a challenge. Using WordPress to build your site will make your job a lot easier, especially because you’ll be able to modify its design and features using the right theme.

With Uncode, you get access to a lot of functionality that will make building an effective service website simpler. To recap, here are just three of the reasons this theme might be perfect for your business’ site:

  1. It enables you to create modern pricing tables.
  2. You can design attention-grabbing CTAs.
  3. You’ll get access to plenty of useful templates.