Flexibility is a key feature of the Uncode theme. Browse through our showcase of real client works and you will see that building countless of different sites with Uncode without having to repeat yourself is not just an idea. It is a reality and it is done every day.

We continue introduce some of our beloved showcase creatives. Second out is a web designer from Belgium with an amazing bag of tricks and minimal approach design. He can really vary dozen of different styles. Meet Stijn Van Nuffelen, successful web designer and creative.


Tell us about your business and your experiences with web design?

I started experimenting with webdesign around 1995, the early days of the www, using Claris HomePage and sometime later Golive CyberStudio. As I was still in high school, it was all just for fun and for exploring new technologies. At the end of 1999, I started working at a Belgian media company as a desktop publisher and webdesigner. I mainly created website mockups and concepts in Photoshop and developers then turned them into real, functioning websites. I used to work this way for several media companies, where I mainly worked as a desktop publisher creating magazines and newspapers, until I decided to quit my job and become self employed in July 2015. At first, I worked the same way as I did before for web projects: I created the mockups, developers then turned these mockups into real websites. But when I started to experiment with WordPress, I saw I could create websites by myself, not just the design, but also the development, and all that in a very user friendly way. It started with one project that I shared on Facebook and Linkedin and then more and more requests followed to design, and develop, websites for clients. And for clients it’s cheaper to only have to pay 1 person, instead of a webdesigner and a developer.


What made you choose Uncode among thousands of other themes?

When I first started as a freelancer, I used a different theme for each project. But each theme had it’s own style, features and settings, but also it’s problems and limits. So I was looking for a theme that was very clean, minimalistic and modern, was versatile, had lots of features and above all had a great support team. I just stumbled upon Uncode while searching for a theme for a website I had to create for an accountant agency. I decided to buy a licence for Uncode and get started. I was amazed by the features Uncode had to offer and also by the support team! So, after that project was finished, it was time to create my own website (I didn’t have my own website at that time) and as I was so impressed with Uncode, I bought another licence and used the theme for my own website as well. Since then, I only use Uncode for my website projects.


What features of Uncode do you appreciate the most? How is the theme contributing to improving your business?

I especially like that I can start from scratch and design whatever I want using Uncode. The first projects I created with Uncode, I mostly started by using the template pages provided with the Uncode theme and tinkering with these pages. But after a few projects, I was so familiar with all features Uncode had to offer, that I don’t even import the demo pages anymore and just start from a blank canvas. The included visual composer provides almost everything I need to create a project. What I also love about Uncode is the support. If I have a question or problem, I just need to open a support ticket and sometimes I get an answer or solution within the hour. 


What are your thoughts on working with Uncode? If you purchased licenses for more than one project, why are you a returning customer?

Check question 2 and 3 🙂

What would you like to see in future versions of Uncode?

As perfect as Uncode already is at the moment, it would be cool to have even more customisation settings for most visual composer elements, menus, desktop and mobile versions, etc… Right now it’s possible by using custom CSS (thank you support team), but it would be nice if some of these setting were standard and just a click away 🙂

See more of Stijn Van Nuffelen’s stunning work here: http://stijn-at-mac.com or follow him in social media: Facebook, LinkedIn.