Flexibility is a key feature of the Uncode theme. Browse through our showcase of real client works and you will see that building countless of different sites with Uncode without having to repeat yourself is not just an idea. It is a reality and it is done every day.

We continue introduce some of our beloved showcase creatives. Fifth out is Denkly talented web designer, photographer and passionate about UI/UX/WordPress expert from Moscow Russia.


Tell us about your business and your experiences with web design?

“About WordPress and ThemeForest I know for a long time, and my website was build on premium theme. It was a long time ago, when the world did not know about Visual Composer.
My web design career started about 3 years ago, when I came to one big ecommerce startup as photographer and left it as junior designer. Professional Photoshop skills helped me grew up and opened a whole new world of web design. Now I’m of course designing in Sketch :)”


What made you choose Uncode among thousands of other themes?

“It was a winter 2015 and I was in search for a theme for my personal website. I’ve looked through dozens of premium themes and all looked maybe good on desktop but the all were rubbish when I’ve checked them on mobile. And as we all know – mobile is crucial. Then I’ve discovered Uncode in New Themes section and I was blown away. Super smooth animations, proper font sizes and a super unknown feature called Content Blocks. I’ve bought it, installed it and my frustration started. Why Visual Composer is different? Why there is X instead of pixels? Why options are so compicated? And so on…
But after a week I’ve realised that this is the proper way to build a site. That X are much more comfortable than pixels and fonts are defined one time and must be the same for headings, buttons and so on.
I’ve build me personal site for my small Photography business “VARIART” in 3 weeks and I’m pretty happy with it. When my best friend saw it, he said that he want a new website for his business too. And my second Uncode site “Fotofaktura” was built for 3 weeks too. Superawesome.
Nowadays, when I’m trying to work with other theme than Uncode I feel that something missing. And this is called usability and designer friendly environment. All other themes are messed up with options you don’t need and lacking options that speed up and making developing website super designer friendly.”

What features of Uncode do you appreciate the most? How is the theme contributing to improving your business?

“Content Blocks! This is so awesome, that I can’t imagine Visual Composer WordPress without it! I do a lot of adaptive parts of page with it and repeating elements.
Speed! Uncode is super fast and optimised theme out of the box. A few days ago I’ve made a landing page for client and it scored A on pagespeed without any caching plugins.”


What are your thoughts on working with Uncode? If you purchased licenses for more than one project, why are you a returning customer?

“I’m very happy that I’m a part of Uncode family. Why family? Because that level of support make you think that you are part of a team. None of the themes are perfect out of the box, and Uncode has some issues too. But, if you find something that wrong – tell it, and it will be fixed almost instantly. With Uncode I’m from 1.0 version and together with David and Ivo, with fixed a lot of bugs, and after a year it only 1.4 version. I can’t image how great it will be when 2.0 will came out. I’m not a retuning customer, I’m a super loyal customer that can’t imaging anything better 🙂 Sadly that my personal licence is ended and I’ve lost support, but may be i’ll renew it when there will be special promotion.”

What would you like to see in future versions of Uncode?

“Now that I know all the Uncode features, I want more 🙂
I can say that I want maybe more cleaner version for developers, with more custom options – like line height for body text (now I’m doing it via css), default animations for buttons, breadcrumbs style and position options (yes! where are they?), and less prebuilt options that I can’t change from options panel (like animations).”

See more of Denkly’s stunning work on his personal website or follow him in social media: FacebookDribbble and Behance.