Top Features

Uncode is packed with dozens of advanced and unique features.

Frontend Page Builder

Uncode is packed with an enhanced Page Builder to edit your site easily. Use the classic Backend Editor or the powerful Frontend Editor.

WooCommerce Builder

Create eCommerce websites like no other: Single Product Builder, custom Cart, Checkout, My Account Builder, Quick-View, Wishlist, and more...

Wireframes Plugin

The Wireframes Plugin allows you to easily import 550+ carefully designed section templates that can be easily imported, combined and modified.

Impressive Posts Module

This module creates all the variations of blog posts, portfolios, and products that you see on our demos. There are over 100+ options you can combine.

Content Block

The unique Content Block allows you to create replicable headers, footers and sections of content that can be integrated into your web pages.

Dynamic Contents

With the Dynamic Elements and Options, it’s possible to create personalized custom templates and designs by populating data from various WordPress sources.

One-Click Import

Over 70+ Concepts ready to be imported and combined. The Demo Contents Importer provides you all the pages, and layouts you see in the main demo.

Dynamic Srcset Images

The Adaptive Srcset detects your visitor’s screens size and automatically creates and delivers appropriate re-scaled versions.

Slides Scroll

Slides Scroll provides a tool set of options you can use to transform any one-page design into an exciting presentation with transitions.

Shape Dividers

Using the Shape Dividers feature, you can add attractive and unique separators to your web pages. There are 30 default shapes to pick from.

Animated Headings

Bring your web pages to life and grab visitors attention through the new amazing animated and highlighted headlines effects.

Galleries and Albums

Album Galleries are completely independent galleries located within another parent gallery, open an entire media gallery from just one thumbnail.

WPML certified and RTL

Uncode has been certified by the WPML, the most popular multi-language solution. Additionally, Uncode supports RTL languages.

Privacy Plugin (GDPR)

With the unique Consent Logic, you can include and exclude content based on the explicit consent of the user from the Privacy Preferences.

Regular Updates

Uncode releases continued feature updates based on user-requested demands. Every update is FREE to anyone who has bought a license.

Power Elite Support

Uncode is developed and supported by a professional Power Elite Team that has sold more than $5 million dollars worth of items on Envato.

Customers Showcase

These are great examples of brand-new websites created with Uncode Theme.

Most Popular

Appreciated by the most influential web design magazines and tech blogs.