Create awesome web presentations

Create awesome web presentations, discover the amazing Slides Scroll!

Discover the amazing Slides Scroll!

Main features

Take the building of your WordPress website to a whole new level!

Slides Scroll

Slides Scroll provides a tool set of options you can use to transform any one-page design into an exciting presentation with transitions.

Shape Dividers

Using the Shape Dividers feature, you can add attractive and unique separators to your web pages. There are 24+ default shapes to pick from.

Gallery Manager

Album Galleries are completely independent galleries located within another parent gallery, open an entire media gallery from just one thumbnail.

Animated Headings

Bring your web pages to life and grab visitors attention through the new amazing animated and highlighted headlines effects.

Massive Options

Take full control of your layouts with the new hierarchical options system that leaves nothing behind. Just imagine and create with Uncode.

Advanced Grid System

An innovative grid system that pushes layouts to the cutting edge: equal-heights, full-width row, shifts and many more...

Content Block

The unique Content Block enables you to create headers, footers and sections of content that can be integrated into your pages.

Adaptive Images

Adaptive Images detects your visitor’s screens size and automatically creates and delivers appropriate re-scaled versions.

Pixel Perfect

Uncode Theme is ultra professional, smooth and sleek, with a clean modern layout, for almost any possible and impossible layouts.

Unpaired Flexibility

With over 50+ Concepts ready to go and combine, building a layout has never been easier. Anything you can think of can be built.

Page Builder

Uncode Creative Theme runs a tailored version of Visual Composer with extra advanced functionalities & organised clean skin.

Powered Media Library

With Uncode's enhanced version the Media Library will basically swallow any kind of media you are adding to your WordPress.

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