A scalable system

Share the same content among multiple pages

The Content Block is a fragment of content that can be edited with the Page Builder and shared by different pages or a WordPress template.

Portfolio modern design Theme
Classic portfolio Theme

A Centralised workflow

Update once, publish and deploy everywhere

When you update a Content Block, it updates automatically in all the pages where it is used. Scale and centralize your workflow.

A Swiss-Army tool

You can use The Content Block in multiple scenarios to centralize your site development, from static sections and headers to dynamic category templates.

Static and dynamic headers

The Content Block can be used to create with the Page Builder single page headers or dynamic headers that are shared among multiple posts or pages.

Page and product layouts

With the Content Block it is possible to create dynamic Single Product template with the Product Builder. Visually and without coding. Hook your clients better than the competition!

Shared page contents

Use it to create any content you want to include on multiple pages or in different positions of your website (for example a Promo section, or a Newsletter Box).

Categories templates

Use the Content Block to create fascinating WordPress category pages and completely custom archive templates with the the Dynamic Options and Elements.

Custom footers

With the Content Block, you can create your favorite footer design for your websites with Page Builder without the need to rely on pre-built footer presets.

Additional use cases

Use the Content Block to define additional custom elements, such as the Author profile or the Related Posts, or to create custom WooCommerce Quick-View designs.