If you want to translate your website into multiple languages, the WPML plugin is a smart choice. This tool lets you easily build and run a multilingual site using WordPress. Plus, it’s a very popular choice for Uncode users. In fact, our theme is one of the top 15 themes used alongside WPML!

Both Uncode and WPML are excellent solutions for your website, and have a pretty strong history of compatibility. However, users have reported a few issues in the past. For example, certain elements and shortcodes would at times fail to load correctly.

For this reason, we’ve been working with the developers of WPML to ensure that using their plugin and our theme together no longer produces these errors. We’re happy to announce that Uncode and WPML are now fully compatible, as of Uncode Version 1.7.0!

This should offer a smoother experience when building your multilingual website. To see how the process works, you may want to check out this comprehensive tutorial on using Uncode and WPML together. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, you can contact the WPML support team and they’ll be happy to help!