For those working within e-commerce, professional services, design agencies, and even the blogging industry, Uncode is undoubtedly a smart WordPress theme choice for businesses that want to make their online presence as modern and sleek as their brand.

Uncode has a number of pre-made stunning WordPress themes that rely on full-bleed imagery, typography and parallax scrolling that screams creativity – so much so that they’ve even helped clients win awards for their website design.

For those brands that want to stand out, the use of bold colors, icons, and scrolling image galleries make Uncode the right choice for many WordPress users.

And, if you’ve made the excellent choice of selecting an Uncode theme from Undsgn, the next part of your business journey may well be to translate your theme so you can reach a wider audience and reap the benefits of a multilingual business website.

Where does translation come into it?

Whilst it’s true that the main language online is English, it actually makes up just 25% of the web – meaning your website is unable to communicate to 75% of potential customers.

Why is this important? Studies have already shown that a huge 60% of people will rarely or never purchase goods or services from businesses with an English website.

Taking action to translate your Uncode theme is an important step in not just building awareness of your business, but also building trust with your customers. It demonstrates the ability to operate internationally, which gives confidence to your potential customers.

The benefits extend much more than giving your readers a website in their native language – it also helps with your SEO visibility. If you’re looking to get into new markets, it’s unlikely your website will appear in online searches if it’s only available in one language.

This is because search engines use keywords and metadata to rank websites and will only rank those keywords for the language of the site and country of the language. Search behavior is related to browser language and the native language of the person carrying out the online search.

The final advantage of a multilingual WordPress website – getting ahead of your competitors. In such a globalized society, the business environment is increasingly competitive. Translating your Uncode theme means you can gain access to lucrative international markets before your competitors.

How to choose a WordPress translation plugin

Luckily for WordPress users translating your website is incredibly simple thanks to multilingual plugins. But, there are a number of features you need to look out for when selecting a translation plugin.

1. Supported languages

Make sure your language is supported. Some plugins claim to have dozens of languages available but you’ll need to check that your language is actually available. Remember to consider any languages you might want in the future.

2. Machine vs human translations

Not all translation apps available through WordPress actually take care of the translation part of your website, or you’ll need to pay extra to get this feature (on top of the cost of the plugin). This means you’ll have the additional cost of using a translator to translate the content of your site, plus the manual task of uploading the translations.

Choosing a solution that takes care of the translation and displaying of your website is a smart choice. Automatic translation is a great solution that saves you time when it comes to translating your website – then having the option to order professional translations if you require them gives you even more flexibility and accuracy.

3. Ease of Use

If you’re not a developer and you’re the one adding the plugin, then you’ll want to choose a translation solution that’s as simple as possible. Some leading solutions require you to download multiple files to translate several different parts of your website.

Choose a solution that requires no code or the need for a developer and translates the whole of your website.

4. Design and Customization

By default, some translation solutions will give you a front-end language switcher. But, check if you have the option to customize the look of this without the need for code or the help of a developer. This will make the process smoother for you.

5. SEO

Important point – does the translation plugin take into consideration SEO best practices? Translated meta titles, and meta descriptions enable you to target a broader range of keywords. And boosts your chances of being ranked in SERPs for Google.

6. Updates and Support

Before you choose a translation plugin, check the reviews to see how good the support team is. Often there can be issues that arise that you don’t expect, so knowing if the support team will get back to you quickly is important.

Also consider that free plugins generally won’t provide support.

How to translate your Uncode theme

For the purposes of this article, we’ll take a closer look at Weglot, the highest-rated translation plugins on the WordPress Directory – compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins – so you can instantly translate your Uncode theme.

With more than 100 languages available, the option of automated and professional translation, plus its multilingual SEO capabilities – Weglot allows you to translate your Uncode theme in just a few minutes, without the need for code.

In just 3 steps, you’ll have a multilingual WordPress website up and running:

1. Install the Weglot plugin

In your WordPress dashboard, click on “Plugins” > “Add New.” Search for Weglot.

2. Activate the Weglot plugin

Click on “Install Now” and once installed, click “Activate.” You’ll now see a Weglot tab in the left-hand menu of your WordPress Dashboard – click on it to finalize your configuration.

3. Add your languages

Within your Weglot tab, you’ll be prompted to add your unique API key (create a Weglot account to access yours). Then choose the original language of your website and the languages you want to add to your site. Click “Save Changes”.

That’s it – your multilingual website is now live! You’ve successfully translated your Uncode WordPress theme without any manual work. There’s no fiddly behind the scenes steps, no string-by-string manual translation or manual creation of each page in each language. Just click install and Weglot does everything for you.

You’ll get a fast first layer of automatic translation which you can then manually review and edit or add professional translators through your Weglot dashboard, to iron out any language nuances. You have two ways to edit your translations, either through a translations list or an ‘in context’ editor where you can edit your translations in a live preview of your website.

Check out Uncode and Weglot in action. You’ll see that a language switcher has been automatic to the front-end of the website. This can then be customized through your Weglot tab, where you can change by a flag, language code, language name, etc, without any need for code. Notice your language subdirectories too! These are great for multilingual SEO.

The great part is that the whole of your website is translated with Weglot, no matter where the content is coming from (e.g. you might have a review plugin installed on your WordPress site or an e-commerce site with WooCommerce)!

Try Weglot out for free. Start your 10-day free trial and see how you can instantly translate your Uncode WordPress theme.