As part of WordPress 5.0, WordPress has a brand new content editor called Block Editor (known as Gutenberg). Gutenberg is installed by default when you install or update to WordPress version 5.0.

The new WordPress 5.0 Block Editor

Nowadays Gutenberg is still a long way from competing with a full website builder platform and at the moment the functionality of blocks and grid are limited. WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) and other page builders are a far more advanced, professional page building tool and will obviously present the much more powerful and attractive alternative. Anyway from now on, the Gutenberg Block Editor is part of the WordPress core.

We’ve already built Gutenberg compatibility into Uncode, which means that all of the sites that you’ve built with Uncode are ready to go with WordPress 5.0.

If you’ve upgraded to WordPress 5.0 and you are apparently no longer able to use the WPBakery Page Builder, please update to Uncode 1.9.3 (or higher), update the required plugins and select the Disable Gutenberg Editor option. Alternatively you can install the Classic Editor plugin from the official WordPress repository.

You can also use Uncode Theme only with the Block Editor (Gutenberg) even if the features are reduced and limited to the few models currently offered by Gutenberg. It’s not possible to use WPBakery Page Builder or other page builders natively combined with Gutenberg (Block Editor) in the same page or post. You can choose to edit a page or a post with the Page Builder or with Gutenberg alternately.

Important: you should not edit any existing Classic Editor or WPBakery Page Builder Page, Post, Portfolio or Product content with the Gutenberg editor and vice versa, as they are not interchangeable.

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