New options for Posts and Media Galleries

Uncode includes a whopping 20 new visual styling options for the Post and Media Gallery modules. These options give you a much wider range of possibilities for defining the layout of your posts and pages.

New Animated Headlines

Grab visitors attention with the new Animated Headlines and Highlighting Effects

Bring your pages to life with the new heading animations effects. The new animations are an excellent way to engage users and encourage them to explore the rest of your content.
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Overlay Blend Modes for Rows and Columns

Every web designer aspires to create pages with a strong visual impression. Uncode’s new blend modes enable you to do just that. Now you can create dramatic and cinematic effects to modernize your layouts.

Mobile and devices

Self-Hosted Mobile Video Backgrounds

Our aim is always to grow Uncode to match new and evolving technologies. It's now possible to display attractive, auto-playing video backgrounds on mobile devices too!
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Additional Features

This Uncode's update introduces an amazing set of valuable features, functionalities and improvements requested by our customers. Let's explore a few more features that this update has to offer.

Center Double Menu

We welcome the new "Center Double" menu layout. It’s sleek, modern and used above all on fullscreen ecommerce websites. With this menu you can have two side menus.

Info Box Module

The Page Builder now features a new module called Info Box (an option previously only available for the Basic Header). You now have much more flexibility when creating headers.

Footer Modules

We've also added the new Copyright and the new Socials Icons modules that can be used in your site's footer. It is now possible to create nearly infinite creative layouts for your footers.

Banner Thumbnail

We’ve introduced some new options for the Single Media module. You can now define an unique in-module title, description and caption to transform your images in to effective banners.

New Dividers

Uncode already included lots of Shape Divider options. This update brings a few new divider types: the "Steps" and the "Gradient". With these, you can create modern page layouts.

Icon Box Hovers

We welcome the Icon Box hover animations. With this feature you can have elements on the page react dynamically on a mouseover (such as video play buttons).

Automatic Excerpt

Thanks to the new automatic Excerpt, combined with the automatic Title, it's now possible to modularize the creation of your site's headers when using a Content Block method.

Zoom Out Effect

The new Zoom Out effect can be added to any backgrounds (including those with a Parallax). With this animation, you can clearly emphasize important sections of your web pages.

Core Improvements

To that end, Uncode 2.0 comes with a ton of improvements to the behind-the-scenes theme code. Many advanced features being moved instead to the Uncode Core plugin.

Lighter Theme

The required plugins can now be installed online. They are no longer included in the Uncode Theme folder itself, which reduces the package size significantly (from 25mb to 11mb).

New Registration

You also no longer need to use an Envato Token code to activate the Uncode theme. Instead, you can simply use your license Purchase Code for a quick and simpler user experience.

Privacy Plugin Update

Requested by customers we introduced a new option for the Privacy Plugin called “Active by default.” With this option it’s possible enable all or specific consents ion page load by default.

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