WooCommerce Single Product features

Uncode offers its own custom design options for product pages. This update brings amazing new functionalities to the WooCommerce single product page. Features we’ve added include a Product Zoom option that activates on a mouseover, a Gallery Carousel mode, a Stack Layout mode, and the Custom Width layout control.

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Shadows, Border Radius and more Off-Grid options

In our effort to make Uncode the best theme for creatives and provide you with a powerful suite of options, we’ve implemented new features for layout management. With Uncode 1.6 you can create shadowed & border radius columns to provide a modern touch to every layout and there are new off-grid options that enable you to create almost any layout possible.

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Lateral Thumbnails

As of Uncode 1.6, you can do this in the Posts Module, with the new Content Lateral layout for thumbnails. This is a very popular option for blog layouts, but it can also be easily applied to your portfolios and products.


Discover new and improved features of Uncode 1.6!

Button Options

Get more control over your buttons with the new flat hover effect, as well as full custom typographic options.

Centered Mobile Menu

Now you can customize your mobile menu with a centered option that mimics the desktop overlay effect.

Tabs with URL history

This option enables visitors to use their browsers' history when navigating between tabs on your website.

Dots & Arrows Options

Benefit from new controls for arrows & dots navigation to improve your header layouts' flexibility.

Accent Links

Define the color of your links to match your accent color, to better highlight text links in your content.

Icon Box

In response to high demand, the Icon Box module finally has a clickable title option for a better user experience.

Main Menu Options

Enhance your horizontal desktop menu with the new shadows and animation effects.

Plugins Update

Included in the latest Uncode Theme release, you'll get the updated versions of all bundled plugins.

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